Word of the Day


The messages for Encouraging Word for Today arise from my personal daily devotional time with the Lord. By the grace of God, everyday, I spend time reading through the Bible and reflecting on the Word in the presence of the Lord. As He nourishes my spirit and soul through His Word by His Spirit, He also gives me the privilege to share His precious insights. In this way, He continues to help me personally grow in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for which I am very grateful. May He also bless you in this way!


  • ​To encourage believers in their personal growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • To stimulate hunger for Jesus Christ in the daily walk of believers.

  • To promote the discipline of consistently spending time with the Lord and carefully searching through His Word so as to draw closer to Him.

  • ​To motivate believers in the renewal of their minds in order to prove what God's will is.

  • To incite in believers the desire for letting Christ's Word to richly dwell in them. ​


  • Thanksgiving Honors God!

  • Thanksgiving Is a Good Thing for the Believer!

God's Ways

  • God's Ways Are Not Our Ways!

  • God's Help for the Believer Is Sure!

  • God Does Good to His People!

  • God Allows Difficulties in Our Lives!

  • God Encourages the Believer in His Time of Trial!

  • God Encourages the Believer to Be an Encourager!

  • God Shows His Favor to His Servants!

  • God Desires For His People to Experience the Reality of His Promises!

  • God Always Does What He Says in His Own Time!

  • Opposition Is Simply an Opportunity for God to Display His Power!


  • Obedience Is Key to Experiencing the Blessing of Christ!

  • Obedience to God Sometimes Leads to Persecution!

  • Obedience Must Be On God's Terms to Be Acceptable

  • God's Commands Are Non-Negotiable!

  • God's Believing People Must Not Compromise!

God's Guidance

  • God Continually Guides His People!

  • God Leads His Own!

  • God Speaks to His Believing Child!


  • Promoting Jesus!

  • I Must Tell Jesus All of My Troubles!

  • Jesus Has a Perfect Solution for Every Problem!

  • When Jesus Seems Uncaring!

  • Jesus Is in Full Control of the Affairs of His Church!

  • Jesus Is Indeed Alive!

  • Jesus Changes a Persecutor into a Preacher!

God's Sovereignty

  • God Brings Good Out of Evil!

  • God Is in Charge!

  • God Is in Control of the Nations!


  • The Practice of Crying Out to God!

Life in God

  • Asking God Tough Questions!

  • God Will Not Disappoint His Believing People!

  • God's Servant Must Remain Faithful!

  • Satan Is a Master of Offering a Short-Cut Path!

  • One of the Marks of Being Full of the Holy Spirit!

  • Knowing that God Loves You Is Freeing!

  • God's Believing People Must Learn to Take God at His Word!

  • God's Promises Often Seem Far Removed from Reality!

  • Man Is So Quick to Make Judgments!

  • Prolonged Suffering Often Hinders from Laying Hold of God's Promises!

  • Believers Must Trust God to Give Them What He's Promised!

God Bless You.