School of Prayer

Pastor, Bible Teacher and Commentator Dr. McGee makes this practical and pertinent statement about prayer: "Prayer is speaking to God. If you can talk to your wife or husband, you can talk to God. If you can talk to your brother or sister, you can talk to God. Anything that obscures the simplicity and spontaneity of prayer as conversation should be avoided, for prayer is a very simple thing...It is far more important that prayer be a simple thing in which you truly utter the deep thoughts of your heart and pour out petitions to God. If prayer is not a simple thing for you yet, do not be led astray by the truth that it can also be more complex."

Prayer is indeed simple as well as complex. This requires constant learning. Observing their Lord's effective prayer life, the disciples asked: "Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples" (Luke 11:1). It is interesting to note that the disciples of our Lord didn't ask Him to teach them to prepare a sermon, to preach, to perform miracles, to prophesy, or how to become popular. They simply asked Him to teach them to pray. This is what the school of prayer is all about-asking the Holy Spirit to teach us to pray effectively, effectually, fervently, and faithfully.  James 5:16 says: "The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much." The early disciples saw Jesus accomplished much through His effective prayer life and followed in His footsteps. It is now our turn to follow in their footsteps. Let us enroll in the School of Prayer and see the Holy Spirit


  • To discover and grasp our need for God

  • To build, deepen and strengthen the prayer life of the believer

  • To be changed into Christ-likeness

  • To establish the foundation for a praying church in a pagan world

  • To plant the seeds of revival

Topics to be Covered

Who is adequate to plumb the unfathomable depths of the subject of prayer? Only the Spirit of God, who searches all things, even the depths of God ( 1 Corinthians 2:10 ) can. Moreover, He is the Spirit of prayer, the Spirit of supplication and grace, who helps us in our weakness ( Romans 8:26 ). With the Holy Spirit's help and guidance, and partnership with the Spirit, who alone can plumb the depths of prayer, we intend to cover the following topics:

  • Our Desperate Need of God!

  • The Importance of Prayer!

  • Various Elements of Prayer!

  • Prerequisites to Effective Prayer!

  • Hindrances to Effective Prayer!

  • Biblical Prayer!

  • Praying Effectively for the Progress of the Gospel!

  • Praying for the Salvation of the Lost!

  • Praying Effectively for the People of God!

  • Jesus’ Pattern for Prayer!

  • The Power of Crying Out to God in Prayer!

  • Praying for Pastors!

  • Prayer in Crisis!

  • Praying for Persecuted Believers in Jesus Christ!

  • Jesus’ Praise of the Father in Prayer!

  • Prayer at Christmas!

  • The Holy Spirit – The Forgotten Character of Christmas!

  • Prayer for the Nation!

  • Prayer that Moves the Heart and Hand of God!

  • Agents of Revival in the Land!

  • Staging a Come-Back to God!

  • The Prayer of Moses

  • The Prayer of Hezekiah

  • The Prayer of Ezra

  • Are You a Watchman on the Wall?

  • God Specializes in the Impossible!

  • Return to Me!

  • Major Principles of Effective Prayer!

  • Prayer’s Role in Preparing Christians for Christ Return!

  • The Certainty of Receiving Answers to Our Prayers!

  • Revival and Prayer!

  • Praying for All Who Are in Authority!

God Bless You.