Good and Gracious Father

By Joseph Ametepe | July 1, 2024

For it is written: “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16; NASB). You truly love the world, myself, included. This agape love is selfless! Sacrificial! Special! Secure! Safe! Supreme! Steadfast! Strong! Supernatural! And it always seeks Your very best for us. O loving Father, open the blind eyes and broken hearts of the world to behold and believe Your love for them!

Blessed and Best Father

By Joseph Ametepe | June 1, 2024

Indeed, Lord of the whole earth, we confess that there is so much turmoil in our world today. Many are despairing of life. Many are fearful.  Yes, many are feeling hopeless and helpless. This is because they are looking to man, in whom there is no help. We pray for the many who are fearful and are feeling hopeless and helpless.

A Blessed Mother’s Day to All Mothers!

By Joseph Ametepe | May 11, 2024

As willing as many mothers are to do such chores; they have a higher calling than that. A good mother loves her family and provides an atmosphere where each member can find acceptance, security, and understanding.

Patient and Precious Father

By Joseph Ametepe | May 1, 2024

Oh yes, May 2024 may bring into our lives painful struggles as well as pleasant surprises; trials as well as triumphs. But one truth remains unchanged. “You are good and do good.”

True and Trustworthy Father

By Joseph Ametepe | April 1, 2024

True and Trustworthy Father, we are so glad and grateful to You for bringing us into the new month of April 2024. In the past month (i.e. March 2024), we celebrated the greatest divine intervention in human history – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our hearts overflow with gladness and gratitude to You…

Generous and Good Father

By Joseph Ametepe | March 1, 2024

Generous and Good Father, we adore and appreciate You for Your generosity and goodness toward us. You have brought us into the new month of March 2024. Truly, we acknowledge that You have been so generous and so good to us in February 2024. Many trials and tests came our way in February 2024, but…

Loving and Living Father

By Joseph Ametepe | February 1, 2024

Loving and Living Father, we are glad and grateful that You’ve ushered us into the new month of February 2024. Indeed, great have been Your goodness and grace which we experienced at the beginning of the New Year of 2024. We genuinely appreciate Your kindness toward us and greatly affirm that it’s You who keep…

Good and Gracious Father

By Joseph Ametepe | January 1, 2024

Good and Gracious Father, we rejoice and revel in Your goodness and grace toward us. For by them, You, O LORD, have given us the wonderful privilege of entering the NEW YEAR of 2024! You are deserving of all praise and thanks for caring for us all throughout the year 2023. Not only that, You…

God’s Promises to Live by in 2024

By Joseph Ametepe | January 1, 2024

As we enter into the BRAND NEW YEAR of 2024, believer in the Lord Jesus Christ; be assured of these timeless promises and confidently expect them to be manifested in your life and circumstances. GOD Himself will be GOING ahead of you into the NEW YEAR. The LORD will be GOOD to you YOUR GOD…

Loving and Living Father

By Joseph Ametepe | December 1, 2023

Loving and Living Father, we are thrilled and thankful for bringing us into the new month of December 2023. It’s all because of Your love and grace for us. For You Yourself assure us of Your love for us. “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness” (Jeremiah…