School of Evangelism


  • To know Jesus Christ better.

  • To draw near to the missionary heart of God.

  • To develop a passion for God and for the lost.

  • To maintain a close personal tie with God and His Word.

  • To learn from the early Christians' exemplary life and effective presentation of the Good News.

  • To become more effective in our witness of Jesus Christ.

  • To gain a renewed sense of urgency for spreading the Good News in our day.

Topics to be Covered

Books have been written about different methods of sharing the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. "The Four Spiritual Laws," "Friendship Evangelism," and "Sharing Your Faith Without an Argument," are some of the most used methods of evangelism. Our intention is not to take anything away from these works. However, we are convinced that examining the Scriptures to see how the early believers lived and shared the Gospel will be of great benefit to us. First, to our spiritual development of drawing closer to God, and secondly, making us more effective witnesses as we learn from their passion for God and the lost. Instead of just giving a "gospel formula" in our presentation, we will learn from the early Christians' prayerfully dependence on the Holy Spirit to lead them in the different situations they encountered in sharing the Good News. We will learn to rely on the Person of the Holy Spirit instead of just regurgitating a pat "gospel formula."

The topics to be covered will be derived from the different messages and presentations of the Good News by the early believers. Each message or presentation has precious principles about the presentation of the Gospel. To help us gain God's view of unbelievers. We will also examine the Scriptures to discover God's passion for saving the lost, the saving message of Christ. This will greatly help us in developing God's missionary heart for the lost. We will learn fresh lessons on personal evangelism and from the Greatest Evangelist Himself!

It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit would guide you to glean precious lessons from His work through those who have gone before us on this road of sharing the Good News. And as a result, we trust that our witness of our Lord will make an impact to the praise and glory of Jesus Chris

  • How God Views Unbelievers!

  • Presenting the Gospel to People Without Biblical Worldview!

  • The Saving Message of Jesus Christ!

  • The Gospel of God!

  • The Spirit’s Role in Gospel Presentation!

  • Lessons from the Greatest Evangelist!

  • Shaping and Sharing Your Personal Testimony!

  • God’s Passion for Saving Sinners!

  • Fresh Lessons on Personal Evangelism!

God Bless You.