By Joseph Ametepe


 Worshiping the Person of God is a privilege and pleasure of my life. My witness for Christ, my work in the ministry of preaching and teaching the Word, and my walk as a believer in Jesus Christ are simply an outflow of my worship of the Lord my God. Worship is very important to the heart of the true and living God. The Lord Jesus taught that God is seeking true worshipers to worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24). Please understand that God is not in need of your worship. He is self-sufficient. But He desires and looks for those who are in saving relationship with Him to offer Him worship that is spiritual, sincere and sensible or intelligent. 

• Worshiping the Person of God in this life is actually a preparation for worshiping God for all eternity. Indeed, worship is the believer's highest occupation in this life and in the life soon to come. 

• An important question must be asked at this juncture. What does it mean to worship God? The word "worship" is used by many believers for a wide variety of experiences and impressions. It is not surprising that the phrase "worship service" is used in several ways as well. Whatever else the word "worship" suggests to you in your own experience and expression, this word should speak prominently about your response to the Person of God Himself. What, then, is worship? "Worship" comes from an Anglo-Saxon term "weorthscipe" which was then modified to "worthship," and finally to "worship," meaning to ascribe or attribute supreme worth to God who alone is worthy. To worship God is to ascribe to Him supreme worth, for He alone is worthy (e.g., Revelation 5:12). 

• The Greek word for "worship" is proskuneo. The word literally means to fall down and worship, do obeisance to, prostrate oneself before someone, do reverence to, pay Divine homage, to adore, to admire, appreciate, or to honor. In our context, this worship or reverence or adoration is paid to the Person of God Himself. As you can see, "worship" is a rich word. As such, it has been defined in many ways. One writer defines it as: "The outpouring of a soul at rest in the presence of God." Another describes it as: "Worship is the occupation of the heart, not with its needs, or even with its blessings, but with God Himself." And still another as: "Worship is the upspring of a heart that has known the Father as Giver, the Son as Savior, and the Holy Spirit as the indwelling Guest." This last definition makes it clear that only a person who is born again by the Holy Spirit and indwelled by the Holy Spirit can worship God. An unsaved person cannot worship God in the truest sense of the word.

• The goal of this article is to help enrich and enhance your worship experience of  declaring supreme worth to the Person of God and your admiration and adoration of Him in a simple, yet significant manner. Using the English Alphabet, I have selected words from each letter that fittingly ascribe supreme worth to the true and living God, who revealed Himself to us in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. In selecting the words for each letter, I carefully and closely followed the Bible's description of who God is and what He does! Using mostly the New International Version of the Bible, I have listed scriptural references at the end of each letter's list. Please ponder these words and speak them to God from your heart as a way of expressing your adoration of Him and declaration of His supreme worth! As the Spirit leads you in this exercise, you will discover that worshiping God will become more meaningful to you and more and more a way of life for you. 

Worshiping God Using ABC's

A.   Abba, Able, Abounding in Love, Above All, Advocate, All in All, All-Surpassing; Alpha, Ancient of Days, Almighty, Awesome, Amazing!

• Mk. 14:36Gal. 4:6Rom. 11:232 Cor. 9:8Ex. 13:4Ps. 89:7Job 16:192 Cor. 4:7Rev. 1:8Gen. 17:1;Dan. 7:9Ex. 15:11Ps. 68:35Josh. 3:5

B. Benevolent, Blessed One, Blessed, Blesser, Bread of Life, Bright, Brilliant, Bountiful!

• Deut. 7:7-8Mk. 14:61Matt. 21:9; Hebrew 7:7; John 6;35; Rev. 22:16Eze. 1:27Deut. 28:12

C.  Creator, Christ, Comforter, Counselor, Consuming Fire, Compassionate, Crowned!

• 1 Pet. 4:19Matt. 1:1Jer. 8:18John 14:26Heb. 12:29Ex. 34:6Heb. 2:9.

D. Deliverer, Dependable, Divine, Dread Champion!

• Ps. 40:172 Pet. 1:3; Jer. 20:11

E. Eminent, Eternal, Everlasting, Ever-Present, Exalted!

• Is. 40:28Gen. 21:33Deut. 33:27Ps. 46:1Ex. 15:1

F. Father, Faithful, Flawless, Forgiving, Fortress, Friend, the Fountain of Living Water!

• Is. 63:16;  Deut. 7:92 Sam. 22:31Ps. 12:6;  Ps. 86:52 Sam. 22:2Jas. 2:23; Jer. 17:13

G. Generous, Gentle, Giver of Life, God of glory, God of gods, Good, Gracious, Great, Guide!

• Jas. 1:5Tit. 3:6Matt. 11:29Acts 17:25Acts 7:2Ps. 136:2Ps. 119:682 Chr. 30:92 Sam. 7:22Neh. 8:6Ex. 13:2115:13

H. Head Over All, Healer, Helper,  Holy, Holy One of Israel,  Hiding Place, Honored, Hope!

• 1 Chr. 29:11Jer.33:6Hos. 14:4Ps. 27:9118:7Lev. 11:45Ps. 89:18Is. 10:20Ps. 32:7Is. 49:5Ps. 71:5

I. I AM WHO I AM, Immanuel, Immortal, Indescribable, Incomparable, Incomprehensible, Indivisible, Infinite, Intercessor, Invisible!

• Ex. 3:14Is. 7:141 Tim. 6:162 Cor. 9:15Is. 40:1825Eph. 2:7Jer. 23:23-24Job. 16:20Is. 53:12Rom. 8:26271 Tim. 1:17

J. Jealous, Jesus, Judge of all the earth, Just, Justifier!

• Ex. 20:534:14Matt. 1:116Gen. 18:25Rom. 3:26

K. Keeper, Kind, King, King of kings, Knowledgeable, Knowable!

• Ps. 121:7Ex. 1:20Is. 43:1544:6Rev. 19:16Is. 40:13-14; Jer. 9:23

L. Lamb of God, Lawgiver, Leader, Life, Living God, Living Water, Lord, Lord of lords, Love,  Long-suffering!

• John 1:29Rev. 21:22;  Is. 33:22Jas. 4:122 Chr. 13:12John 11:251 Sam. 17:26,36;  John 7:38Ex. 4:10Rev. 19:161 John 4:8Jer. 15:15

M. Magnificent, Majestic, Maker,  Marvelous, Master,  Mediator, Messiah, Mighty One, Miracle Worker, Most High, the Majestic Glory!

• Is. 28:29Ps. 8:19Ps. 115:15;  Lk. 9:33Rev. 15:31Tim. 2:5John 1:414:25;Gen. 49:24Ps. 77:14Deut. 32:8Dan. 4:1724253234;  2 Pet. 2:17

N. Name Above All Names, Never Failing!

• Eph. 1:21Phil. 2:9;  Josh. 21:4523:14

O. Omega, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Only True God!

• Rev. 1:8: 21:6; 22:13; Gen. 18:10-14Jer. 32:5Matt. 19:26Ps. 139:7-12Ps. 147:5;Heb. 4:13Rom. 11:33John 17:3

P. Patient, Perfect, Potentate, Powerful, Praiseworthy, Preeminent, Prince of Peace, Protector, Provider, Pure!

• Neh. 9:30Ps. 19:7-9Matt. 5:48Jer. 32:18Ps. 18:3Eph. 1:3Col. 1:18Is. 9:6Ps. 116:6Gen. 22:14; 1 John 3:5

Q. Qualified, Quality, Quick, Quietness!

•  Mal. 3:5Is. 30:1532:17

R. Radiant, Redeemer, Refuge, Reliable, Restorer, Resplendent, Resurrection, Revealer, Rich, Righteous, Rock, Ruler, Ruler of All Things!

• Ps. 19:8Eze. 43:2Job 19:25Is. 41:14Ps. 14:691:91 Sam. 29:6Ps. 14:7Ps. 76:4John 11:25Dan. 2:2947;  Eph. 2:4Ezra 9:15Gen. 49:24Deut. 32:41 Tim. 6:151 Chr. 29:12

S. Salvation, Sanctifier, Satisfier, Savior, Self-Sufficient, Shelter, Shepherd, Shield, Sinless, Sovereign, Stronghold,  Strength, Support, Sustainer!

•  Ex. 15:2Ps. 27:1John 17:171 Thess. 5:23Ps. 103:5107:92 Sam. 22:47Jer. 14:8Acts 17:25Ps. 23:1Heb. 4:151Pet. 2:22Is. 50:4Ps. 18:228:7Ps. 60:1617;Ps. 18:12 Sam. 22:19Neh. 9:21

T. Transcendent, Triumphant, True, Truth, Truthful, Trustworthy, Tower!

• Is. 55:8-957:15Ps. 113:5-6123:1John 8:21;   John 14:6John 3:33Ps. 19:7;111:7119:86Pr. 18:10

U. Unchangeable, Understanding, Unfathomable, Unfailing-Love, Undefiled, Unblemished, Universal, Unique!

• Mal. 3:6Jas. 1:17Ps. 102:26-27Is. 11:2  Ex. 15:13Ps. 36:7Heb. 7:26Heb. 9:14;Zech. 14:7

V. Valiant, Vast, Victor, Victorious, Vindicator!

•   Job 9:4Ps. 45:4Ps. 144:101 Cor. 15:57Is. 50:8Jer. 51:10

W. Warrior, Wisdom, Wonderful Counselor, Worthy, Word of Life!

• Ex. 15:3Jer. 20:11Job 9:4; ; 12:13; Is. 9:62 Sam 22:4Rev. 5:121 John 1:1

X. Xcellent!

• This is a creative innovation of mine.

Y. Yahweh (LORD), Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus!)

• Ps. 100:135

Z. Zealous!

• Num. 25:11Ez. 39:25


• It is a privilege to learn to worship God. Worshiping Him will be our eternal duty and delight. Therefore, let this simple way of ascribing supreme worth to the Person of God motivate you to prepare for a life of eternal worship of the one true, living and eternal God!


God Bless You.