By Joseph Ametepe

"While suffering on the cross for our sins on Golgatha, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, spoke short, simple but significant sentences. The sayings reveal a great deal about the heart of the Lord Jesus. No one Gospel writer recorded them all. Certainly, the Holy Spirit was sovereign in this. He chose in His wisdom to give the four Gospel writers the privilege of recording what He deemed best for their gospel material. Mark and Matthew were given the privilege of recording only one of the seven sayings. While the remaining six sayings were shared equally between Dr. Luke and John, the disciple whom Jesus loved. Each records three sayings in their Gospel accounts.

"These so-called seven sayings from the cross by our savior, have been held dear by the Church, primarily because they have opened to us a window into our Lord's heart and mind while suffering for our sins on the Roman cruel cross. The amazing this about each saying is that they were not spoken in anger, resentment, bitterness, or with a complaining or vindictive spirit. In fact, each is a vivid expression either of His great care, concern, compassion and His sacrificial and selfless love for us, or of His dreadful but divine work of bearing our sin, or His final conquest and victory over sin and Satan.

"The season of celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ is certainly an appropriate time to pause and ponder each of these sayings. I believe doing so will enhance and energize our spirits to worship Christ with a new sense of purpose and passion. Of course, meditating on these sayings should not be limited to Easter celebrations. They should be prayerfully pondered all year because Christ's sacrifice on the cross for our sins is key to our daily living and eternal future.


  • The Savior's Selfless Prayer!

  • The Savior's Salvation of a Sinner!

  • The Savior's Supreme Concern for His Mother!

  • The Savior's Sudden Cry!

  • The Savior's Spoken Agony on the Cross!

  • The Savior's Shout of Victory!

  • The Savior's Sublime Surrender!



  • The Savior's Salvation of a Sinner!

  • It Is Finished!

  • The Savior's Sublime Surrender!

God Bless You.