By Joseph Ametepe

The only book in the Bible in the entire Bible that begins with the letter "O," is Obadiah. It is also the briefest book in the Old Testament. Because of its brevity, it is often overlooked or skipped right over to the prophet Jonah. But the briefest book in the Old Testament is indeed a great book with a great message that echoes an important principle taught and modeled by the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout His earthly ministry. The principle being: "Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted" (Matthew 23:12).

Obadiah may be a small package, but it holds the best gifts of God's truth. Dr. McGee writes: "It is a small thing, but it has a potent message." The prophet Obadiah was one of the most obscure prophets of the Old Testament. He prophesied of the doom of the proud nation of Edom and the restoration of God's chosen people, Israel. The prophecy in the book was written in vivid, lucid, and forceful language. God fulfilled His prophetic word concerning judging Edom. Their rock fortress still stands, but their name and their nation have perished. Please look at the world map today! You will not find Edom on it as a nation. God completely wiped them out as He prophesied through Obadiah.

The message in Obadiah is certainly relevant for our times. Just as the nation of Edom, in her pride, chose to live without God, so also nations in this present era are living without God. And just as God brought a devastating judgment upon Edom for her arrogance, so also He will do, if nations in our day continue to walk in their pride of heart.

The prominent doctrines in Obadiah include: the person of God, the power of God, the people of God, the possession of God, the punishment of God, the prediction of the Day of the Lord, the preservation of God's redeemed people, and the promise of God. Although Obadiah is the smallest book in the Old Testament, it has several important lessons for God's people today. It is therefore our prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable us to pay careful attention to the truths revealed in it. And that in doing so, He will draw us closer to God's heart and deepen our walk with Him and our witness of Him in such a time as this! May God richly bless you as you listen to the verse by verse exposition of the rich and remarkable prophetic book of Obadiah!

God Bless You.